Markdown Editor for Mac / Windows / Linux

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Code Highlighting

Code highlighting for fenced code blocks.


Auto-completion of repetitive formatting tasks.

Context Commands

Hit + Space to see context commands or spelling suggestions.

Extendable Selection | Coming Soon

Hit + to extend the selection to the boundaries of the parent element.


Hit + P to see a preview of the current document.

File Navigation

Hit + T to browse the current folder.

Recent Files

Hit + E to browse recent files.

Customizable Look

Go to the Preferences menu to change the theme or the properties of the font.

Other features include:

Hit + ] or + [ to jump to the next or the previous text block.
Hit Tab to get out of the current inline element or to jump to the next table cell.
Hit + + or + + to move the current line up or down.
Hit + Enter to enable Focus Mode.

Planned for 2.0: blog publishing, auto-formatting, auto-save, multiple selections, text statistics, link validation, file management and more.