Beautiful & Clever Markdown Editor

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux

Caret is a desktop app - check back on your desktop device to download a copy.

What people about Caret

Syntax Assistance

For tables (create, add rows, resize), lists, quotes, fences, links, emphasis, etc.


For paths in links and images, keywords in fenced code blocks, emoji, etc.

Context Menu

alt Enter to fix spelling, convert types, jump to definitions, visit links, etc.

Multiple Selections

Edit multiple lines at once, do quick and selective find and replace, etc.

Extend Selection

alt to extend selection to the next biggest element - alt to shrink it

Inline Rendering

Renders LaTeX math expressions as soon as the cursor leaves them

Go to Heading

ctrl g to see document titles in a hierarchical view, type to fuzzy-search

File Manager

ctrl t to browse current folder, create / move / rename / delete files, etc.

Git Integration

Shows gutter indications for changed / added / deleted lines and files


Borek Bernard

VersionPress founder, Developer

If you write a lot of Markdown, seriously try @careteditor. It's amazing.

Yannick McCabe-Costa

Network Security Consultant

Absolutely gorgeous, slick and minimal Markdown editor @careteditor.

Spencer Hamm

Designer and Developer

A few minutes with Caret and it’s my favorite Markdown editor.

Pedro Lobo

Freelance Writer

Slowly but surely, Caret is becoming my #1 choice for anything Markdown.

Bruno Skvorc

Editor at SitePoint, Writer

Long time super-heavy user of Caret here. I couldn't be happier with it.

Belle B. Cooper

Co-Founder of Hello Code, Writer

I that Caret gives me powerful features to get my work done w/o distractions.

Caret is a desktop app - check back on your desktop device to download a copy.

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