Markdown Editor
Mac / Windows / Linux


Syntax Support

  • Original Markdown | as described by John Gruber
  • Github Flavored Markdown | tables, fenced code, task lists, emoji, strikethrough
  • Inline math expressions | $$e=mc^2$$
  • Block-level math expressions | $$$ fences
  • Footnotes | [^1]: example
  • Table of contents | [[toc]]
  • YAML front matter
  • Page breaks | +++
  • Contents of fenced code blocks
  • Contents of math expressions

Syntax Assistance

  • Pairs inline markers, HTML tags, code fences, math fences
  • Pairs markers based on selection | ex: select a word and hit *
  • Creates links on paste URL on selected text
  • Creates links based on clipboard URL on ctrl k
  • Creates image elements on drag and drop
  • Creates tables based on header on enter | ex: | abc | abc |
  • Creates table rows on enter

  • Creates markers for subsequent list items on enter
  • Resizes table columns on typing
  • Resizes underlined titles on typing

  • Autocompletes Emoji | :clap:
  • Autocompletes Local paths in links | [link](/path/to/file)
  • Autocompletes Languages in code blocks | ```js

Edit Commands

  • Select next ctrl d | adds another text cursor
  • Select each ctrl ctrl g | works as an alternative to find and replace
  • Unselect last ctrl u
  • Select more alt | extends selection to boundaries of parent element
  • Select less alt | shrinks selection to boundaries of nested element
  • Move line up alt or down alt
  • Insert line insert line before ctrl enter or after ctrl enter
  • Go to last edited position ctrl
  • Go to start or end of current block ctrl [ or ctrl ]
  • Go to end of current inline / next table cell / next link segment

Context Commands

Hit ctrl space or alt enter to see spelling suggestions for misspelled words or:

  • Check or uncheck task items
  • Convert list to ordered / unordered / task
  • Convert reference link to inline
  • Visit link
  • Go to link definition for reference links
  • Go to footnote definition


  • Auto-detects language
  • Highlights misspelled words
  • Hit ctrl space or alt enter to get spelling suggestions
  • Option to auto-correct misspelled words | Edit › Autocorrect Spelling


  • Dark mode ctrl ; or ctrl ctrl n | inverts colors to help you work at night
  • Focus mode | dims all except the current block
  • Typewriter mode | keeps the active line of the editor centered
  • Preview ctrl r | splits app into editor and live preview


  • Preview | CSS themes
  • Typography ctrl , | font family, font size, line width, line height


  • Git | shows indications for change / modified / deleted lines or files
  • Backups | automatically creates local backups of unsaved changes


  • Title browser ctrl g | type to search
  • File browser ctrl t | type to search or type and hit ctrl enter to create file or folder
  • Recent files browser ctrl e | type to search
  • Stats
  • Export to PDF