Syntax Support

  • original markdown | as described by John Gruber
  • github flavored markdown | tables, fenced code, task lists, emoji, strikethrough
  • inline math expressions | like $$e=mc^2$$
  • block-level math expressions | use $$$ fences
  • new footnotes [^1] | as described in Markdown Extra
  • new table of contents [[toc]]
  • new YAML front matter

Syntax Assistance

  • pairs inline markers / HTML tags / code fences / math fences
  • pairs inline markers over text selection
  • creates tables based on header - ex: | abc | abc |
  • resizes tables on typing
  • creates table rows on enter
  • resizes setext (underlined) titles on typing
  • creates list markers on enter
  • new creates links on paste URL on selected text
  • new creates link that has a URL on ctrl k with URL in clipboard
  • new creates links on drag and drop image
  • new autocompletes emoji :emoji:
  • new autocompletes local paths [link](/path/to/file):
  • new autocompletes languages in code blocks ```js


  • spellcheck | use ctrl space to fix spelling without the mouse
  • spelling auto-correct | enable from Edit › Autocorrect Spelling
  • text stats | click to toggle word count / char count / reading time / off
  • automatic backups | creates local backups of unsaved changes

Edit Commands

  • select next occurrence ctrl d
  • unselect last ctrl u
  • move line up alt
  • move line down alt
  • insert line after ctrl enter
  • insert line before ctrl enter
  • extend selection alt
  • open context menu ctrl space or alt enter

Navigation Commands

  • browse titles in current file ctrl g
  • browse files in current folder ctrl t
  • browse recent files ctrl e
  • jump to end of current inline
  • jump to next table cell
  • jump to start or end of current block ctrl [ or ctrl ]
  • jump to last edited position ctrl | coming soon


  • dark mode | prefect for writing at night
  • focus mode | dims everything but the current block to help you stay in the flow
  • typewriter mode | keeps the active line of the editing pane centered
  • split preview | real preview that you can style
  • editable preview | coming soon


  • git | adds indications for added / changed / removed lines or files
  • soon static site generators | coming soon